Visit Mundesley Maritime Museum

Visiting the Maritime Museum in Mundesley

If you are staying in one of our cosy Mundesley holiday cottages, we suggest you take a trip to visit the Mundesley Maritime Museum – believed to be one of the smallest museums in England!

Mundesley Maritime Museum

Beach Road, Mundesley, Norfolk, NR11 8BG

Open from April to August, the Mundesley Maritime Museum has some spectacular views over the sea and is believed to be one of the smallest museums in England – so why not take a trip to say you’ve visited?

Displays at the maritime museum include lifeboat exploits, shipwrecks, maritime artefacts, and locally discovered fossils. The museum is home to a depiction of former railway branch lines from 1898 to 1964, and the first floor has been reinstated as a coastguard lookout from the 1930-40 era. The coastguard lookout contains a tide clock, fog horn and powerful binoculars, as well as some more modern equipment.

Visit Mundesley Maritime Museum

Mundesley Maritime History

Mundesley has an entry in the Domesday Book of 1085, with the town’s name recorded as Muleslai and the main landholder was William de Warenne.

William de Warenne, the 1st Earl of Surrey, was a Norman nobleman and is among the few known from documents to have fought under William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

In more recent years, during and after the Second World War, sailors and volunteers cleared the North Sea of mines and the village war memorial is dedicated to this work and those involved.

The National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) was founded by Captain Starling-Lark after two fishermen drowned near a closed-down Coastguard lookout in Cornwall. He then contacted Master Mariner Richard May of Sidestrand with a view to identifying a second site for a National Coastwatch Station, and on 19th May 1995, Richard May launched the country’s second NCI station at Mundesley.

Today, the station is home to over 50 volunteers and is equipped with radios, computers, automatic identification systems, and radar. In 2009, it was the first NCI station to receive the Queen’s award for Voluntary Service.

Please note, as the Mundesley Maritime Museum is run by volunteers, and there may be difficulty in filling all the slots. Regrettably, the museum may not always be open.

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Mundesley is a quaint seaside village, perfect for a quiet week away from it all. There is plenty to see, do, eat, and drink in and around Mundesley, and our cottages are perfectly situated for it all. Our Sunny Beck Cottage is just a stone’s throw away from the Blue Flag sandy beach, but set just off a side street away from the hustle and bustle so you can spend your time relaxing.

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