Riverside Holiday Cottages

Holiday cottages close to the local Norfolk streams and rivers.

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Norfolk is home to many fabulous rivers which host a wide variety of activities and local wildlife. Our riverside holiday cottages provide a fantastic place to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, whilst keeping you close to the action. Picking a holiday cottage close to the water means you can enjoy the tranquillity of water lapping the riverbanks near to your property. The waterways attract wildlife so these properties are perfect for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts as you can watch and immerse yourself in the rich biodiversity.

Being close to the water isn’t just good for bird spotting, it’s a perfect place for activities such as boating, kayaking and relaxing on a beautiful summer’s day. With a multitude of different companies providing boat hire opportunities, as well as dog-friendly boats, it’s a great activity to enjoy with the family. For those that enjoy a spot of fishing, there are many different public fishing rivers around the area which cater for all different abilities.

The Norfolk Broads National Park is a must-visit attraction with plenty of meandering waterways to travel with many places to moor and get out to explore and eat at the waterside pubs. Your holiday cottage provides a fantastic place to return to, giving you all the comforts of home in an idyllic setting. Imagine sitting outside eating dinner with a glass of wine with nothing but the sound of the water. For cooler months you can warm up in your cottage between exploring or even spend a cosy day relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

If you’re looking for a peaceful break away to reconnect with nature, then staying in one of our riverside properties is a perfect choice. We also have many different coastal holiday cottages which are perfect for the close-to-the-water action just with a beach and a slightly more active pace.

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