How to keep your dog from being bored in their dog friendly holiday

Whether you're on a countryside or coastal Norfolk holiday, there are bound to be times when your dog gets bored and needs some TLC. Here are some tricks which will keep them entertained in your dog friendly Norfolk accommodation, (especially your dog friendly cottages in sheringham).

How to keep your dog entertained on your Norfolk holiday

When we're bored it's easy to get a little grouchy...we all do it, so it's no surprise when our dogs go a little nutty and turn to less than useful ways of shredding excess energy (We're talking about chewing skirting boards, gnawing at furniture, pulling up carpets - exactly what you don't want to happen whilst staying in your dog friendly accommodation.)

Here are some of our top tips on how to keep your pup entertained whilst you're relaxing on holiday. 

Have you played hide and seek with your dog yet?

It may sound a little crazy, but dogs need mental stimulation as well as runs and lovely Norfolk walks. Playing hide and seek is a great idea to get their brains thinking, especially if your dog has a keen sense of smell! Cook and chop up sausages into very small pieces and then hide them around the garden and any areas within the house which won't get stained from any grease. Let your dog go and sniff them out - the hard you make it, the longer it will take and the more tired they will get! If you're thinking about heading to to a coastal cottage, then we have plenty of dog friendly cottages in sheringham!

Ever thought about teaching your dog a trick whilst on holiday?

One to one time with your pup on holiday is such a great way to connect with them on a deeper level, especially if you work away from the house through the week! Why not research some easy tricks which you could work on with your dog whilst away. Rolling over, high fives, shaking hands are all great tricks and easy to prefect. Or perhaps an army crawl for those pooches are already little tricksters!

The cup game

Such a simple game, but one which both dogs and toddlers seem to love. Find a treat which your dog can't resist and hide it without them watching in an upside down cup next to two other cups which nothing in. Let them pick a cup and enjoy their well earned treat! A quick and easy game to play with your four-legged friends!

Remember their doggy cuddles

Sometimes there's nothing more a dog wants than a big squeeze from their human! Many dog friendly cottages in Sheringham will supply throws for their sofas, so pop one on and cosy up with them one evening. This is an ideal way to build your bond and trust between each other! 

The last thing you will want to remember when coming home from your Norfolk stay is how to reintroduce them to their normal routine, especially if you're out for a large proportion of the day at work. Before going back to the office you may like to build up the time you leave your dog on their own, so they become accustomed to having the house to themselves again. As you leave you may like to leave them a little treat! 

We hope you have a great Norfolk holiday! You may also like to check out our other blogs on dog friendly pubs in Norfolk and our top tips on dog friendly holidays in Norfolk!


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